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Why can cement blanket pave a road in an instant

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Why can cement blanket pave a road in an instant

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With the development of economy and the progress of science and technology, more and more high-rise buildings have sprung up. Of course, these high-rise buildings are not built in a day. They are all piled up with reinforced concrete by construction workers on the construction site. Especially for the use of cement demand and requirements are very large. However, there is a big problem when using cement, which is to add water and mix before use, and sometimes the construction period will be delayed. Now the emergence of new building materials, cement blanket, has successfully solved this problem.

Huaian cement blanket manufacturer

As the name implies, cement blanket is made of cement. Its inventor is a 52 year old uncle in China. The product he invented is a mixture of cloth and concrete. This kind of product has a magical characteristic, that is, in ordinary times, the cement plant is like an imitation, soft and tough. But once you pour water on it, it will turn into real concrete, very hard, isn't it amazing?

This concrete blanket can be called one of the most amazing concrete products in the world, and conveniently, it can be rolled up or folded like cloth during transportation and storage. It looks like an ordinary carpet, with only 15 kilograms per square meter. And in use can be like cloth, with how much to reduce, will not cause a lot of waste.

Cement blanket can be laid not only on the horizontal ground, but also in the trench. It has such characteristics because it is a combination of traditional cement and textile technology. Concrete powder is added into the fiber skeleton during manufacturing, which makes it waterproof, moisture-proof and fireproof, and solves the problem of concrete cracking.

The above is today's Huaian cement blanket manufacturers to introduce some knowledge of cement blanket!

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