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New cement blanket price manufacturers

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New cement blanket price manufacturers

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Detailed introduction

New cement blanket price manufacturers

Cement blanket is a soft cloth impregnated with cement. It will hydrate in water and harden into a thin waterproof and fireproof durable concrete layer. The cement blanket uses a three-dimensional fiber composite structure (3D fibrematrix) woven from polyethylene and polypropylene filaments, and contains a specially formulated dry concrete mix (Dryconcretemix). The main chemical components of calcium aluminate cement are Al2O3, CaO, SiO2, Fe2O3. The bottom surface of the canvas is covered with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) lining to ensure that the cement blanket is completely waterproof. During on-site construction, there is no need for any concrete mixing equipment on site, as long as the concrete blanket is simply watered or immersed in water to cause hydration reaction. After setting, the fibers act to strengthen the concrete and prevent cracking. Currently, cement blankets have a thickness of 10 mm.

The main characteristics of cement blanket

(1)Easy to use

The new cement blanket can be provided in bulk rolls. It can also be provided in rolls, which is convenient for manual loading and unloading and transportation without the need for large lifting machinery. Concrete is prepared according to scientific proportion, no need to be prepared on site, and excessive hydration problems will not occur. Whether under water or in sea water, the cement blanket can be set.

(2)Rapid solidification

Once the hydration reaction occurs in watering, the cement blanket size and shape can still be processed within 2 hours. Within 24 hours, it can harden to 80% strength. According to the special requirements of users, special formulas can be used to achieve the purpose of rapid solidification or delayed solidification.

(3)Environmentally friendly

Cement blanket is a low-quality, low-carbon technology. In many applications, the amount of materials used is up to 95% less than that of commonly used concrete. Its alkali content is limited, and its erosion rate is very low, so it has little impact on the local ecology.

(4)Application flexibility

The cement blanket has good drape, can follow the complex shape of the covered object surface, and even form a hyperbolic shape. The cement blanket before solidification can be cut or cut at will with ordinary hand tools.

(5)High material strength

The fibers in the cement blanket enhance the strength of the material and prevent cracking, and can absorb impact energy to form a stable failure mode.

(6)Long-term durability

The cement blanket has good chemical resistance, resistance to wind and rain erosion, and UV degradation does not occur under sunlight.

(7)Water resistance

The bottom of the cement blanket has a waterproof layer to make it completely waterproof and enhance the chemical resistance of the material.

(8)Fire protection characteristics

Hanji cement blanket does not support combustion, has good flame retardant properties, the smoke is very small during fire, and the amount of dangerous gas emissions is very small. The cement blanket has reached the B-s1, d0 level of the European building material flame retardant standard.

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