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Temporary housing with a "new type of cement blanket", can not be attacked by fire and water?

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Temporary housing with a "new type of cement blanket", can not be attacked by fire and water?

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Temporary housing with a "new type of cement blanket", can not be attacked by fire and water?

The most terrifying thing in the world is that nature breathes on us... The ground shakes, the house collapses into a dog, the wind blows, and the home is destroyed~

Therefore, temporary housing is an indispensable refuge equipment for the people in the disaster area.

Our country common is the tent or the activity plank house, but the former defensiveness is low, the latter builds up to be time-consuming and laborious

In contrast, there is a temporary housing in foreign countries, which is more awesome, it is called Concrete Canvas Shelters (CCS).

This is a house built with "concrete blanket". When it comes to cement blanket, I think you should be familiar with it. In short, it is blended with special concrete powder in the fiber skeleton of woven fabric

Usually it looks like ordinary blanket, but as long as water is poured, it will become as hard as concrete! Due to the advantages of convenient construction and durability, cement blanket has been widely used in foreign countries, and CCS is one of them.

The specific operation is as follows: first, transport the "tank" of CCS to the site to be built; then inflate the tank, and then lay a layer of cement blanket on it and fix it slightly; next, it is a pleasant time to spray water~

Where the water comes in contact with it will gradually solidify into concrete. In only 40 minutes, a solid and reliable temporary housing will be built!

So how reliable is it? It's a small idea to be invulnerable, resistant to wind and shock, waterproof and moisture-proof. Even if you pour gasoline on it, you can't hurt it!

But what makes Hanji cement blanket small braid more convincing is its durability. General temporary housing is really "temporary", after the disaster, either broken or demolished

The service life of CCS is as long as ten years. Even if the victims move away, they can also be used as semi permanent storage, so as not to be abandoned. In addition, it has a variety of models to choose from.

The largest area can reach 54 square meters! I feel that the people in the mountain area usually use it to open a body to hold a banquet~

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