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Where can cement blanket be used?

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Where can cement blanket be used?

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Now the construction site, will use a cement blanket manufacturers in recent years Huaian to understand it.

Cement carpet

1、 What is a cement carpet?

1. After spraying water on the cement carpet, the cement will solidify rapidly. After the evaporation and air drying, the cement carpet will be as hard as the traditional carpet, and its service life even exceeds that of the traditional cement. The hard cement can be as soft as the carpet.

2. The application of textile fiber technology, the use of textile fiber frame framework, the integration of a variety of composite materials, of course, is not only convenient transportation, a variety of new cement carpet also has many advantages that traditional cement does not have, such as fire and moisture resistance, even not easy to crack, cement carpet per square meter is only 15 kg.

3. The use is also very simple, just need to lay in the place where construction is needed, and then spray water on it and air dry it. In addition, according to the size of the construction area, the shape of the cement blanket can be cut, which greatly improves the construction efficiency of the project. As soon as the uncle's cement carpet comes out, it has been welcomed by everyone. At present, it has obtained 9.8 million investment, and is stepping up the experiment and promotion. It may not be long before this kind of cement carpet will be used in the construction of buildings in the future.

2、 The advantages and disadvantages of cement carpet are introduced

1. The cement blanket is a combination of cement and textiles, and the anti-seepage and multi-functional concrete powder is integrated into the fiber skeleton. As long as you pour water on it, the blanket will solidify rapidly and the texture will become hard. After solidification, there is no need to worry about cracking and water leakage, and the service life is longer.

2. When it is not watered, the cement blanket can be rolled up like cloth, with only 15kg per square meter. It is very convenient for storage, transportation and laying. This is the most simple and direct concrete. Do you have it!

3. No matter it is family courtyard, road, even railway and water conservancy can be paved. Good toughness, can not only hang vertically, but also be laid in trench. Moreover, it can be used to pave roads and ditches, and the construction can be completed in less than an hour. It can not only save 90% materials, but also shorten 60% construction period. It greatly improves the construction efficiency.

4. However, it also has some disadvantages. The cement blanket is suitable for special-shaped places, but its thickness is relatively thin. If there are more layers, there may be problems in connection.

3、 Can cement blanket replace cement wall?

1. The size of cement blanket can be cut at will, and the size of cement blanket can be determined according to the size of construction site.

2. Cement blanket can be widely used in railway, highway, water conservancy, agricultural irrigation and other fields.

3. Cement blanket can not only save 90% material, but also shorten 60% construction period.

4. The cement blanket has been valued at over 100 million yuan. Even in the United States, it is being purchased in large quantities and widely used.

5. With the existence of fiber skeleton and the uniformity of concrete powder, this material will not crack after solidification and has a long service life.

6. Cement blanket like cloth storage, transportation, laying up is also very convenient.

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