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Cement blanket price

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Cement blanket price

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Huai'an cement blanket price

Laying construction

1 Preparation

First, plan and measure to ensure a certain slope, so that the water can flow smoothly from the upper end to the lower end; second, after the construction site is cleaned and leveled, the construction line is set according to the design drawing, and the drainage slope is remeasured.

2 excavation

Set up the construction line according to the design requirements, the two sides of the ditch need to be leveled, and the slope inside the ditch must be free of empty soil and voids. The water damage parts shall be tamped, except for the debris and gravel in the slope. If necessary, use Sanqi lime soil for tamping, or grouting for reinforcement and then close it. It is required that the treated parts are stable!

3 laying

The material can be laid vertically and horizontally. Please be sure to flatten the substrate, otherwise it will affect the appearance quality!

4 Seam treatment

(1) Dig a pit with a width of 10 cm and a depth of twice the depth of the cement blanket at the overlapping position of the two adjacent cement blankets. Put the cement blanket joint at the overlapping position and flatten it.

(2) Press the upper cement blanket on the lower cement blanket in the direction of water flow, and the overlap should not be less than 10cm.

(3) Evenly apply sealant on the joints.

(4) Fix two cement blankets with Φ 5 * 38mm stainless steel screws.

5 Groove treatment

Use rivets to fix the edge of the material on the edge of the ditch, and also use rivets to fix the overlap. After fixing, cover the edge with soil.

6 Water curing

Before the watering, the entire paving needs to be inspected and accepted, and only after passing the water! It needs to be watered 9kg per square (thickness is calculated by 10mm). It is necessary to pour through. It is necessary to sprinkle water evenly from the edge to the middle. It is best to use spraying method. The flow rate is 4000ml / min until the cement blanket becomes darker. Do not use water column with high pressure! It is forbidden to step on after watering. When the temperature is ≤5 ℃, heat preservation measures should be taken; when the average day and night temperature is higher than 30 ℃, the surface should be covered with plastic film or geotextile to keep it moist.

The above are the matters needing attention for the cement blanket construction provided by the cement blanket manufacturer. If necessary, you can call us directly.

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