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What is the magic concrete blanket?

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What is the magic concrete blanket?

Date of release:2019-06-27 Author:韩吉新型材料 Click:

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The new cement blanket can be widely used in waterways, highways, water conservancy, where you want to lay it, which is very convenient for operation. Cement blanket can not only save 90% of the material, but also shorten the construction period by 60%. It is the subversion of traditional concrete. Even the United States has purchased a large number of materials and widely used. The magic cement blanket, poured water into the concrete layer! As we all know, since modern times, concrete is the most basic and important material for paving roads, erecting bridges and building houses. However, the traditional process of concrete processing is still more troublesome, basically will use manual or mechanical mixing cement to produce.

This is not only time-consuming, low efficiency, but also produces a lot of dust. If the quality is not good, it can not be controlled, but also often surprise. So, can we use a simpler and more efficient way to lay cement? Cai Xiaomin, a 52 year old inventor in China, has invented a new type of "cement blanket", which is not only low-cost, but also strong and light.

Building houses and various engineering construction are inseparable from concrete, but the general concrete is not easy to transport, and the proportion of production and deployment is not easy to control. At this time, we will introduce a 52 year old uncle in our country. He has invented a new material, cement blanket.

"Our product, you say it's cloth, it's concrete, you say it's concrete, it's cloth In short, it's a mixture of textile and concrete. Mr. Cai Xiaomin, the inventor of the cement blanket, once described his product.

The characteristics of "cement blanket" let cement blanket manufacturers tell you.

Before watering, it has the softness and toughness of textiles, which can be cut at will. After pouring water, it has the hardness and strength of concrete, which is very magical! It can be called the most convenient concrete in history. It's easy to roll up and store like cloth! It's only 15 kilos per square meter, so it's very convenient to transport.

In order to find out the wonderful cement product and the ingredients contained in it, the little editor of red eye rabbit looked through a lot of materials and finally was able to publish some academic opinions.

Concrete cloth is a kind of soft cloth impregnated with cement. When it meets water, it will react with water to form a very thin waterproof and fireproof durable concrete layer. The product is a patented product, which has been protected by many related organizations, including the World Intellectual Property Organization and the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent numbers include:

"Ca2655054", "ep2027319", "gb2455008" and "wo2010 / 086618" etc.

In the product introduction of some building materials companies abroad, the concrete canvas adopts the 3D fiber matrix woven by polyethylene and polypropylene filament, and contains dry concrete mix with special formula. The main chemical components of calcium aluminate cement are Al2O3, Cao, SiO2 and Fe2O3. The bottom surface of the canvas is covered with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) backing to ensure that the concrete canvas is completely waterproof.

It turns out that this amazing cement blanket is inseparable from our polyethylene and polypropylene materials. From this, our composite materials are really everywhere. However, after such complex forging and refining, it is no wonder that the birth of the cement blanket can make such a big stir!

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