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What problems should be paid attention to when paving with cement blanket?

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What problems should be paid attention to when paving with cement blanket?

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The compressive strength of 1 cm thick cement blanket is 40MPa. If it is used for temporary roads or rural roads, it is still OK. However, it is not recommended to use heavy vehicles or roads with large traffic flow. The compressive strength is too low. If the thickened cement blanket is used, the cost will be increased by 2-3 times, and the overall cost is too high. Therefore, the pavement of cement blanket is still very high Cement blanket is usually used in water conservancy projects and slope protection projects. If it is the construction of canals or the lining of ditches, it is really time-saving and labor-saving to use cement blanket.

Cement blanket manufacturer

The main advantages of cement blanket are easy to use, rapid solidification molding, environment-friendly and flexible application. The cement blanket can be provided in bulk in large rolls or in rolls, which is convenient for manual loading and unloading and transportation without the need for large hoisting machinery.

The cement blanket should be more and more in the project now, but when the cement blanket construction needs to pay attention to the lap joint processing, the following cement blanket manufacturer will give you an introduction!

The cement blanket should be lapped up and down during the construction. If it is a flowing channel, the construction should be started from the downstream to the upstream of the water flow. The lapping of cloth and cloth should be in accordance with the requirements of the anti-seepage, and the appropriate lapping method should be selected according to the anti-seepage requirements. For the security treatment, the slope is buried and fixed with a drill rod. For large ditches, the bottom corner of the side needs to be drilled with a drill rod.

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