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The new cement blanket tells you whether you need waterproof membrane

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The new cement blanket tells you whether you need waterproof membrane

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New cement blanket manufacturer

With the cement blanket, do you still use waterproof membrane?

Building houses and all kinds of engineering construction are inseparable from concrete. But the general concrete is not easy to transport, and the proportion of production and deployment is not easy to control.

Our product, you say it's cloth, it's concrete, you say it's concrete, it's cloth In short, it's a mixture of textile and concrete. " Cai Xiaomin, the inventor of the cement blanket, is over 50 years old.

Before watering, it has the softness and toughness of textiles! After pouring water, it has the hardness and strength of concrete! It's amazing. You have wood! The most convenient concrete in history!

It's easy to roll up and store like cloth! It's only 15 kilos per square meter, so it's very convenient to transport. What size you want can be cut by yourself! Cut at will. Usually it looks like an ordinary blanket. But after pouring water, it will quickly become a hard layer of concrete! Good toughness, so that it can not only hang vertically, but also lay in the groove.

So amazing? What is the principle? ——In fact, it combines traditional cement and textile fiber technology, and integrates impermeable and multifunctional concrete powder into the fiber skeleton. It has the characteristics of water-proof, moisture-proof, fire-proof and durable, and completely solves the problem of concrete cracking.

It can be widely used in railway, highway, water conservancy, agricultural irrigation and other fields.

Most importantly, the cement blanket can not only save 90% of the material, but also shorten the construction period by 60%.

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