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How amazing is the cement blanket?

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How amazing is the cement blanket?

Date of release:2019-12-25 Author: Click:

Huaian cement blanket manufacturer

Domestic invention of magic cement blanket, rolled can be taken away, water into a wall, stronger than concrete!

In construction, concrete is indispensable. Although it is solid and practical, it is hard to deploy, control quality and transport trouble. Moreover, we have to wait for several days to lay a layer of ground, and sometimes we can get a foot print. Not only time-consuming and laborious, but also inefficient! Today, Huai'an cement blanket manufacturers have such a material, rolled can be taken away, watering into a wall, stronger than concrete!

This magical material is called "concrete canvas". Before meeting water, it is a blanket as soft as textile. When poured with water, it quickly becomes a "concrete wall"! Fast drying degree is very fast, shorten the construction period by more than 60%, can be said to be the most efficient and convenient concrete today!

Its principle is very special, in fact, the introduction of multi-functional impermeable concrete powder into the fiber skeleton. This technology not only makes it waterproof, fireproof, moisture-proof and durable, but also several times higher than the firmness of concrete, which perfectly avoids the problem of later cracking!

Cement blanket is very convenient for storage, transportation and laying. It doesn't take up space when it's not in use. The weight per square meter is only about 15kg. It can be taken away by rolling directly, and the construction of workers can be much easier.

The cement blanket also has good toughness and has little requirement for the environment to be laid. Whether it's vertically suspended, built on the site or laid in the trench, you can lay it wherever you want!

Its size, length and shape can also be tailored according to the field measurement, so that there is no waste, no waste at all, and about 90% of the material can be saved. It also has the advantage of long service life, and it is not a problem to use it for 10 or 20 years.

Concrete canvas is not only used for decoration, but also for highway construction, courtyard, fish pond, agricultural irrigation, etc. it has its place of use. It is very practical! Such a convenient and efficient building materials, I believe it will be vigorously promoted in the future.

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