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What are the use scope of cement blanket?

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What are the use scope of cement blanket?

Date of release:2019-06-26 Author:韩吉新型材料 Click:

Cement blanket factory wholesale

The cement blanket is a kind of concrete canvas, which combines textile and cement together. The magic of this kind of cement blanket is that it can be used quickly and rapidly, and it is suitable for the fast rhythm of modern people.

Nowadays, the invention of new material cement blanket appears, which can serve us all well.

1. The size of Hanji cement blanket can be cut according to the size of construction site

2. Cement blanket can be widely used in railway, highway, water conservancy, agricultural irrigation and other fields.

3. Cement blanket can not only save 90% material, but also shorten 60% construction period.

4. The cement blanket has been valued at over 100 million yuan. Even in the United States, it is being purchased in large quantities and widely used. With the existence of fiber skeleton and the uniformity of concrete powder, this material will not crack after solidification and has a long service life.

5. Cement blanket like cloth storage, transportation, laying up is also very convenient. The advantage of 2 cement blanket is that the construction is convenient, but the disadvantage is that the bending strength is low and the construction requirements are strict. Concrete canvas usually looks like an ordinary blanket.

6. Before watering, it has the softness and toughness of textiles. After watering, it has the hardness and strength of concrete, which is very magical! It can be called the most convenient concrete in history.

7. It can be rolled up like cloth, stored, transported and laid easily! It's only 15 kilos per square meter, so it's very convenient to transport. What size you want can be cut by yourself!

The above are the application scope and characteristics of the new cement blanket provided by the cement blanket manufacturer. If necessary, you can contact us by calling the station directly.

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