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How to build a tent with a concrete blanket?

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How to build a tent with a concrete blanket?

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Today, we will bring you a shelter built with concrete canvas. It takes no time and no physical strength. As long as we give you some water, it can make you a tent with fire prevention and anti-theft. Isn't it a bit magical?

What you have to do is to find a flat area, and then use a forklift truck to transport the inner tank of the tent. After the tank is filled with air by the air pump, the concrete canvas (Hanji cement blanket) which can't be seen yet is put on it. After that, the nails used to fix the tent are wedged into the ground. Next, you can pick up a water gun and spray water like a flower 。 Before watering, it is still soft canvas, but after watering, it will quickly become hard concrete. As for the principle, it is the same as the magic cement blanket we introduced before. In fact, the special concrete powder is integrated into the fiber skeleton, so it can not only be waterproof, fireproof, strong and durable, but also be bullet proof. It can be said that safety is a lever drop

Concrete refers to the mixture made of cementitious materials (organic, inorganic or organic-inorganic composite), granular aggregate, water, chemical admixtures and mineral admixtures to be added according to the appropriate proportion, or the composite materials with stacking structure are formed after hardening (usually with cementitious materials, water, fine aggregate and coarse aggregate, and admixtures and mineral admixtures are added when necessary) Materials, in proper proportion. Concrete is one of the most important civil engineering materials. Concrete has the characteristics of rich raw materials, low price and simple production process, so the amount of concrete is increasing. At the same time, concrete also has the characteristics of high compressive strength, good durability and wide range of strength grade.

These characteristics make it widely used, not only in various civil engineering, but also in shipbuilding, machinery industry, marine development, Geothermal Engineering, etc. concrete is also an important material. Concrete is a kind of building material full of vitality. With the continuous development of concrete component materials, people's understanding of material composite technology is constantly improved. The performance requirements of concrete are not limited to compressive strength, but on the basis of strength, more attention should be paid to the balance and coordination of comprehensive indicators such as durability and deformation performance of concrete.

The requirements of concrete performance indicators are more clear, detailed and specific than before. At the same time, with the improvement of construction equipment level and the continuous emergence and promotion of new construction technology, the concrete technology adapts to different design, construction and use requirements, and develops rapidly. Concrete is not a single material that exists in isolation. It is inseparable from the development of raw materials for concrete and the development and change of engineering application objects of concrete. Concrete should be taken seriously from the perspective of civil engineering. The concrete mix proportion design is the same. First of all, it is necessary to analyze the structure, component characteristics and design requirements of the project, estimate the possible adverse conditions and risks, and base on the local raw materials, and then adopt scientific, reasonable and feasible technical routes and means. A new type of concrete is prepared to meet the design requirements, construction technology requirements and use requirements.

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