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Cement blanket prices are negotiable

Do you know the new cement blanket that has been used well?

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Do you know the new cement blanket that has been used well?

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Which cement blanket manufacturer is good

Cement blanket -- a new change in the application of building materials

As a new environmental protection material, new cement blanket has been widely used in construction, road engineering, post disaster reconstruction, ecological restoration and so on. Hanji new material provides supporting production equipment and technical formula.

Cement blanket is a kind of soft cloth with cement-based composite materials placed inside. Its surface is special canvas, and its interior is three-dimensional textile cloth and cement-based composite materials. When it meets water, it will hydration and form a hardened cement-based material system. It has the advantages of simple use, rapid solidification, environment-friendly, flexible application, high material strength, waterproof and fire-proof, It is an outdoor material with great potential. At the beginning, it was proposed by two British scholars. In foreign countries, the application of cement blanket in road construction, ditch lining, slope protection, pipeline protection, roof protection and so on has been very mature, and has great application potential in the future, which provides a guarantee for a large number of cement blanket as building application materials.

1. Post disaster concrete blanket house

Cement blanket materials can be used to quickly build a temporary shelter, which can be used in disaster relief and provide a fire-resistant and antibacterial environment for residents. Such a building is also very simple, 24-hour concrete frame construction can, the whole house has a service life of more than 10 years.

2. Water conservancy and irrigation engineering

It is used for waterproof and permeable layer of water conservancy facilities such as reservoir, river bank, channel and drainage ditch.

3. Highway and railway protective belt

It is used for slope protection and isolation on both sides of highway and railway to prevent the damage of soil erosion, soil weathering, weeds and vegetation erosion on traffic infrastructure.

In addition, it is widely used in City cable covering, natural gas pipeline protection, mine ventilation wall, furniture decoration, art supplies and so on.

Hanji new material cement blanket equipment, has a relatively new production technology and formula of cement blanket, product quality is good, production is large, cement blanket price is considerable.

This fully automatic cement blanket production line can produce products of different thickness, width and length according to customer requirements.

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